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Republicans in Congress Break Their Word

Congressional Republicans have offered another bill which would limit your right or that of your loved ones to recover for an injury caused by medical negligence.  Republicans have been pro-business and hostile to the rights of individuals for a long time … Read More

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Stay out of the Hospital this weekend – or any other weekend for that matter.

It has long been a whispered secret that hospital care is poorer on the weekend than it is during the week.  Now there is some scientific heft to support the whispers.  The prestigious medical publication, Archives of Surgery, published a … Read More

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Lots of things can happen when you go out into our strong Arizona sunshine without protecting your skin and nearly all of them are bad.  The worst, of course, is that you may develop melanoma.  Arizona is practically the melanoma … Read More

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Angioplasty. Is it right for you?

Coronary angioplasty is a medical procedure to enlarge a coronary artery to permit more blood to flow through it and nourish the heart.  There are a number of different techniques and equipment used in angioplasties.  Studies have shown, however, that taking the right … Read More

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Jury award for negligent post-operative care.

A Lousiana nurse was found to have overdosed her patient with Demerol while he was recovering from arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder. As a result of the overdose, the patient suffered a code arrest and had to be intubated and … Read More

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The Private Autopsy.

The cause of death is often a very sharply contested question in medical malpractice death cases.  No matter how clear you may think the cause of death of your loved one was, the defendants will usually offer many other causes which they … Read More

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Going to the Emergency Room? Be Careful.

Emergency rooms are often crowded and chaotic.  With state budget cuts to health care programs, more and more people will be seeking care at emergency rooms and they will likely be sicker than they have been in the past.  Even … Read More

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

It is not our purpose to mindlessly bash the medical profession.  There are many competent and caring physicians and nurses providing quality care to patients.  Unfortunately, there are also doctors and nurses who are not as competent or as caring … Read More

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Consider the Source

I recently spoke to a husband whose wife had undergone what was billed as a minimally invasive laser spine procedure.  He said that prior to the surgery they were assured this expensive procedure would solve the wife’s extremely painful back problems.  … Read More

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The Arizona Medical Board – A Resource

The Arizona Medical Board can be a valuable resource for anyone who wants to get information about a doctor licensed to practice here.  With no more than the spelling of the doctor’s name, you can learn where the doctor went … Read More

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