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More Malpractice Jury Myths

Myth # 3:  Doctors are being driven out of business by malpractice suits.  This myth is a corollary of some of the other jury myths I have already debunked.  It holds that there are so many malpractice suits which cost so … Read More

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New England Journal of Medicine Debunks Myth of Frivolous Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Until recently, the existence of frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits was the subject of significant controversy with no empirical support for any particular position.  Organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have spent millions of dollars demonizing lawyers by promoting and perpetuating the notion … Read More

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More Malpractice Jury Myths

MYTH # 2:  Malpractice cases drive up health insurance costs. The myth that malpractice cases drive up health care costs and as a result health insurance premiums is a particularly pernicious myth.  Most jurors believe this myth and it affects … Read More

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Jury Myths Hurt Our Justice System

Our justice system depends on the integrity of the jury and its ability to find the truth and do justice.  Jurors give of their time and try to do a good job.  Unfortunately, over the last ten years, relentless propagandizing by business interests … Read More

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Insurance Companies In The Exam Room

I have written in the past about the soaring cost of health care in this country.  Everyone recognizes that the current state of affairs is unsustainable.  Something must change.  Now some of the largest health insurers are moving to control … Read More

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Malpractice Crisis? Not So Much.

You have the right under our system of justice to be compensated for injuries you suffer as the result of negligent conduct by another.  Unfortunately, if that other is a doctor, nurse or hospital, there is a push to take … Read More

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