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C-Sections and Medical Malpractice – Chicken and Egg

The rate of delivery by U.S. women via cesarean section fell ever so slightly for the first time in nearly 15 years according to recently published federal data.  The current rate for c-section delivery of 32.8% ticked down .1% from … Read More

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Pearly Whites Good for the Heart

My partner and I have often commented about the reasons medical malpractice often results from the failure to timely diagnose stroke and heart attack.  Both are leading causes of mortality worldwide.  A lot of medical research has been done about these problems, most of which strongly suggests … Read More

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Give Your Butt a Rest to Live a Longer Life

The American Cancer Society has recently announced that prolonged sitting increases the risk of death from all causes, especially in women – even in those who exercise.  Heart disease is the main culprit.  In women, the risk of cancer also was … Read More

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Medical Malpractice by a Computer?

As our society becomes increasingly more automated and computer dependent, it’s not really all that far-fetched to imagine a computer practicing medicine.  When that day comes, what will medical malpractice claims look like?  Of course, the practice of medicine is already quite dependent on computer technology as … Read More

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Light Drinking Increases Risk of Breast Cancer in Women

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study which links light drinking to an increased risk of breast cancer in women.  The study, the largest of its kind, followed more than 100,000 women for nearly 30 years and … Read More

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