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In the Medicine Business, You May Get Hurt

Taxpayers aren’t the only ones who get hurt when doctors, hospitals and shady characters get together to game the system.  Patients sometimes end up with surgeries or treatments they don’t need, which don’t help them, and which may kill them.  In … Read More

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Hiding Medical Malpractice Sometimes Just Fine According to Many Doctors

A 2009 survey of more than 1,800 doctors published in Health Affairs found that 1/3 of them did not completely agree that doctors should admit when they make a medical mistake.  20% said they had not disclosed an instance of medical … Read More

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Skin Cancer – No Medical Malpractice Necessary

Over the years, we have litigated our share of medical malpractice cases involving the failure to diagnose and treat skin cancer, usually resulting in death or a greatly reduced life expectancy.  Skin cancer is one of the the most common forms of … Read More

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