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Don’t Put Away Your Sunscreen Yet – But . . .

Melanoma is a killer and is common here in Arizona where we get so many days of intense sunlight.  By now everyone should know the drill:  Keep out of the midday sun whenever possible; Use sunscreen; Watch for changes in … Read More

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Prostate Cancer – The Latest

A recent study out of Europe found that, over an 11 year period, men who were screened regularly for prostate cancer using the PSA test were less likely to die of prostate cancer than those who were not.  Here is a link to … Read More

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Informed Consent Necessary for Metal Hips to Avoid Medical Malpractice Claims

A physician must obtain the informed consent of a patient before beginning any procedure, carefully explaining the risks and benefits, and ultimately allowing the patient to decide what to do.  In order to provide the information necessary to obtain informed … Read More

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Rising Medicare Costs? Don’t Blame Lawyers

One of the fables about health care costs which have been foisted on the American people is that increasing costs are being driven by “frivolous” medical malpractice suits.  Even though every study which has examined the claim has concluded that … Read More

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Communicating With Your Doctor

How do you react to bad news?  Do you want your doctor to tell you plainly if you have a terminal diagnosis or would you prefer some sugar coating?  These questions were raised in a thoughtful piece in The New York … Read More

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