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Arizona Certification for Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The State Bar of Arizona has a Board of Legal Specialization which certifies medical malpractice lawyers as specialists in  in “Personal Injury and Wrongful Death.”   You definitely want a firm like ours, whose lawyers are certified specialists, working for you if you … Read More

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Genetic Tests – The Future of Medicine and Malpractice?

Wouldn’t you know, the day after I post an entry about the marvels of genetic testing, Angelina Jolie puts an exclamation point on my point! By now, I am sure you have heard that the actress has joined an ever … Read More

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Surprise! Exercise Is Good for You.

It should probably come as no surprise by now that exercise is good for us.  Study after study shows its benefits in improving our health or in staving off illnesses.  Want to minimize the risk of diabetes?  Exercise.  Want to … Read More

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Prostate Cancer Testing Getting Better

If have been reading our blog, you know that my partner, like many medical professionals, does not believe prostate cancer testing is worthwhile.  That’s because most prostate tumors grow so slowly that a person is most likely to die from other causes after a prostate cancer diagnosis … Read More

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