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Power Morcellation, the FBI and You.

The last few weeks have seen an unusual confluence of events.  In the first place, the discussion of the risks of power morcellators has continued to proceed.  Power morcellators are tools which are used in laparoscopic procedures to remove uterine … Read More

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Online Doctor Visits and Telemedicine Malpractice

Over the past few years, online physician services providers have become increasingly popular. You can check out a website that digests many of them here. For around $50, you can have a video consultation with a physician or nurse practitioner who … Read More

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Never Events and the Medical Profession

Never events are those things which should never happen to a patient, if the medical provider is careful.  We have blogged about them before but some facts bear repeating. While there is a long list of never events which has been … Read More

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