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Reducing Hospital Infection Rates with…Copper?

Hospital-acquired infections have been a big problem for a long time.  5% of patients will acquire an infection while hospitalized.  100,000 die annually as a result.  And, such infections cost roughly $40 billion annually according to the Centers for Disease … Read More

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Medical Malpractice Claims Can and Should Lead to Better Care

In 1976, in response to problems in the medical malpractice insurance marketplace in Massachusetts, the Harvard medical institutions created a captive insurance company, Controlled Risk Insurance Company (“CRICO”).  Over the years, CRICO has created a database of medical malpractice claims … Read More

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At Hospitals, Good Business Practices Save Lives and Money

You would think that hospitals know how much it costs to take care of you and the cost of that care plays some role in creating the bill you and your insurance company receive.  Turns out you would be wrong. … Read More

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More on the Power Morcellator Story

I wrote recently about power morcellators and the risk that they spread previously undetected uterine cancer when used in laparoscopic procedures to remove uterine fibroids.  As I wrote then, the power morcellator is a tool which is inserted into the … Read More

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