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California Malpractice Caps – Regrets Aplenty

In 1975, just over 40 years ago, in response to an alleged “medical malpractice insurance crisis,” California enacted MICRA, the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act.  The act’s chief provision was one to limit any award against a medical professional for … Read More

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Hit Parade of Greedy Doctors

Last week I wrote about doctors committing fraud.  This week I want to write about a particular physician who breached the trust of his patients, exposed them to unnecessary tests and surgeries and may have contributed to the deaths of … Read More

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Doctor Fraud

Google “doctor fraud” and watch the results pile up.  From all over the country and from all specialties come allegations of doctors committing fraud, most often against Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies.  These physicians, whom we entrust with our lives … Read More

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