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New Tool Lowers Risk of Reoperation in Breast Cancer Cases

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she often faces a difficult choice.  Should she only have the tumor removed, in a procedure called a lumpectomy, or should she have the entire breast removed, in a procedure called a … Read More

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Peer to Peer Review Helps Hospitals – And Patients

Hospitals are complicated places.  While they always strive to deliver quality patient care, mistakes happen and hospital administrators who are honest will admit they happen too often.  Hospitals have programs in place to try and get better.  State and federal … Read More

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As If You Didn’t Have Enough To Worry About.

Hospitals can be scary places.  We are usually there because we are sick or because we are visiting someone who is sick.  The notable exceptions are the labor and delivery area and the newborn nursery.  Visits there have the greatest … Read More

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Doctors And Nurses Doing Good Works

For all the problems we discuss on this blog, it is important to remember that most of the health care professionals in the United States are caring people and that many of them donate time and money to aid those … Read More

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How Does This Happen?

Most of the time, medical malpractice is the result of an unintended error by a caring physician.  That is not always the case, however.  Sometimes, medical malpractice is the result of something far more nefarious.  A Dallas area neurosurgeon sits … Read More

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