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What Are We Paying For?

Researchers have developed a new tool for assessing the effectiveness of a health care system and we in the United States aren’t doing so well.  The concept is called “amenable mortality.”  It identifies medical conditions which cause death but which, … Read More

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Saying No to a Medical Malpractice Case – Honesty Is the Best Policy

Please indulge me in a rant.  Not many things get me riled up more than having a prospective medical malpractice client tell me something like this.  “The last  lawyer I spoke with told me I had a really good case, but … Read More

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The Algorithms Are Coming

The Stanford University School of Medicine and Google have teamed up to improve medical care.  At least in part this is the result of the belief of the dean of the school that the greatest innovations in medicine going forward … Read More

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The Medical Industrial Complex

For many years I have stated the premise that medicine is a business, that we are its customers and that we should govern ourselves accordingly.  A new book by a physician turned reporter addresses this premise in great detail and … Read More

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