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What Is Your Family Worth Under The Republican Malpractice Bill?

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives recently passed a bill intended to make things much worse for people injured by medical malpractice.  While there are many provisions that hurt victims of malpractice, today I am going to discuss only damage caps.  Regardless … Read More

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The Doctor Will Negotiate With You Now.

Not all prostate cancers are created equal.  Some are high-grade and life-threatening.  These tumors need to be addressed promptly and aggressively.  Many prostate cancer tumors, however, are slow growing and may never need to be actively treated.  For these low-grade … Read More

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You’re Not The Only One Unhappy About Medicine Today. So Are The Doctors.

I wrote last week about the billions being siphoned out of the health care system to support the executives running various companies.  Turns out doctors are unhappy too. I just finished reading a blog post by a doctor who complained … Read More

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