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Break Up The Doctor Cartel?

Medical professionals and their insurers frequently suggest that the high cost of medical care in this country is due to frivolous medical malpractice cases.  Former Congressman and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price claimed that limiting medical … Read More

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Guess What Is The Biggest Problem in Health Care Today? It’s You.

There was a great essay in the Wall Street Journal recently that highlighted a big problem in health care.  In spite of the many advances in detecting and treating illnesses, patients just don’t want to change their lifestyles and that … Read More

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

One of the persistent problems in medicine is that of bad doctors who are kicked out of one hospital or medical group but allowed to go to another hospital or group with no warning to the new hospital or to … Read More

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Smile. You’re On Social Media Or Doctors Behaving Badly.

Apparently all is fair in social media postings by plastic surgeons seeking business.  A few years ago a South Florida plastic surgeon began posting videos on social media as a marketing tool and attracted a large number of followers.  Nothing … Read More

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