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The Fee For Service Model Needs To Go.

The primary method of doctor and hospital compensation in the United States is “fee for service.”  Under this model, doctors and hospitals get paid on an individual basis for each act of service they provide to a patient.  The model … Read More

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The Watchdog Is Not Watching.

The Wall Street Journal has done it again.  For years the Journal has a been publishing a series of stories about abuses of the medical profession and their effects on healthcare delivery.  The most recent story appeared a few months … Read More

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A Second Opinion Is Smart.

A second opinion can save your life and these days there is very little excuse not to get one no matter where you live.  I have written about the importance of second opinions from time to time in the past.  … Read More

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Computers and Patient Safety

While there is no question that computers have been of great value in improving the ability to deliver medical care, they are anything but an unalloyed blessing.  Among the problems they bring computer systems and automated devices are expensive and … Read More

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