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It’s The Money, Stupid.

I recently wrote about the loopholes in the FDA’s medical device approval process and how very few medical devices are subjected to rigorous scrutiny before being approved for use in patients.  Here is another example of the price we pay, … Read More

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Superbugs Are Still Hiding in Hospitals

Superbugs is a name given to drug-resistant bacteria.  While no illness is a good one, an infection with superbugs is really bad because regular antibiotics are ineffective.  Drug resistance develops through the process of natural selection.  Normal bugs are exposed … Read More

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Medical Devices Continue To Harm Patients

Medical devices cause a lot of harm to patients.  I have written about the problems with power morcellators that spread cancer and with endoscopes, which were designed in such a way that they could not be properly cleaned and as a result … Read More

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Medical Ethics? Many Doctors Don’t Care.

Many professions strive to meet lofty ethical goals and the medical profession is no different.  The American Medical Association has long promulgated a set of Principles of Medical Ethics.  The problem is that many doctors, while mouthing the platitudes contained … Read More

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