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Medical Malpractice Verdicts

I look at medical malpractice verdicts from cases throughout the United States.  I find the exercise to be frustrating.  Most of the time the verdicts are newsworthy because the jury awarded the  patient a large amount.  Only occasionally do the … Read More

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Some Thoughts Before Surgery.

Surgery is scary.  Lots of things can go wrong.  No one can guarantee a good surgical outcome.  Even the best surgeon operating in the best hospital may end up with a bad outcome.  If your surgery is of the emergency … Read More

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A Cautionary Tale.

Most patients trust their doctors.  They do more research into the restaurant for tonight’s meal than they do into the qualifications of the surgeon who is going to perform surgery on them.  This level of trust without any investigation can … Read More

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Why Your Health Care Costs Keep Going Up and Up.

As I have observed before, we in the United States pay the most for health care yet we rank well down the list of developed nations in terms of health care outcomes.  Why aren’t we getting value for the money … Read More

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