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Secret Conflicts of Interest

By now I am sure it is common knowledge that doctors are often paid by drug companies and by the manufacturers of medical devices.  There is a strong correlation between the amount of a company’s drugs a doctor prescribes and … Read More

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Finding the Right Hospital

Hospitals vary greatly in terms of the quality of their care.  In some hospitals infection rates are low and few patients need to be readmitted after discharge.  Exactly the opposite is true for some other hospitals.  You do not want … Read More

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Some Proof of the Existence of Defensive Medicine.

John and I have written about defensive medicine on many occasions in the past.  Here is a link and here is another.  It is our belief that claims by the medical profession about the amount of defensive medicine and its … Read More

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Computer Problems Cause Medical Errors

Banner Health is big.  Not only is it the largest health care system in the state of Arizona, it is our largest employer as well.  When it has computer problems, many patients are likely to be affected.  This was the … Read More

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