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Lots of Malpractice – Be Careful Out There.

Regardless of what the medical profession would have you believe, there is a lot of medical malpractice out there.  Many patients are victims but few end up suing.  Most just choose to walk away.  Many more were never told that … Read More

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The Hospital You Choose Makes a Difference.

Just a few days ago I wrote a post about hospital malpractice.  Today comes news of a viral outbreak at a New Jersey pediatric center that has already killed six children and sickened many more.  The facility is not a … Read More

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Protecting Yourself From Hospital Malpractice.

If you spend more than a few days in the hospital, you are likely to become the victim of hospital malpractice.  Modern hospital medicine is so incredibly complicated, it is news if there is no mistake made in your care.  … Read More

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Arkansas Supreme Court Tosses Out “Tort Reform” Ballot Measure.

The business and medical communities have been busy over the years pushing laws they claim will end a flood of frivolous lawsuits and unleash a wave of economic growth.  Most of these laws have been aimed primarily at medical malpractice … Read More

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I’ll Take Lobbying for $2 Billion, Alex.

The answer is, “They spent $2.3 billion on lobbying over the last 20 years.”  If you answered, “What is the pharmaceutical lobby?,” you won.  Actually, you didn’t win.  You lost because all that drug money flowing into Washington did exactly … Read More

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Big Pharma and You.

Forgive me for getting on my insulin soapbox again.  Because of my young grandson’s Type 1 diabetes, I am very interested in all things Type 1 related.  I am especially interested in what it takes to keep him alive.  Every … Read More

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Power Morcellators Revisited

I have written in the past about power morcellators and the harm they have caused patients.  I have links here, here and here.  Despite their risks, power morcellators continue to be used by surgeons for minimally invasive gynecological surgery.  In … Read More

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