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Hospitals Can Be Dangerous To Your Health.

The Depression Era bank robber Willie Sutton was quoted as famously saying that he robbed banks because, “That’s where the money is.”  Today, hospitals can be dangerous to your health because, “That’s where the sick people are.” When you go … Read More

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Malpractice Myths Don’t Match The Facts.

Last week I wrote about a study which examined over 20 years of reports to the National Practitioners Data Bank about payments made on behalf of doctors to resolve medical malpractice claims.  I discussed the study findings about the most … Read More

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Happy New Year – Big Pharma Is Raising Drug Prices Again And People Are Dying As A Result.

The price of drugs has been going up and up for the last 20 years as the big drug companies have raised prices over and over again for no reason other than a desire for record profits.  No one in … Read More

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