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Generic Drug Betrayal

The promise of generic drugs is enticing:  quality replacements for name-brand drugs at a fraction of the price.  Regardless of whether that promise was ever anything more than an illusion, it is a proven lie today. I read two recent … Read More

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Misdiagnosis – A Leading Cause of Malpractice.

Some recent reports show that misdiagnosis is a leading cause of medical malpractice.  This is not news to me or to anyone who represents patients and families injured by malpractice.  Diagnosis is hard.  Diseases and illnesses don’t always present with … Read More

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Warning: Your Surgeon May Be “All Thumbs”

It is human nature to criticize the younger generation.  What’s the matter with them?  They don’t do things the way we did when we were young, etc.  In the world of surgery, there may be valid reasons to be concerned … Read More

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Secrecy and More Secrecy

I swear it is not just me.  While I have been concerned about the effects of secrecy in health care and malpractice litigation for some time, the news lately is just full of stories about patients being kept in the … Read More

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Secrecy Plus The Desire For Profits Equals Patient Deaths

Over the years I have discussed a number of topics which relate to patient safety.  These include secrecy, money, training, medical ethics, and surgical experience.  Every once in a while a story comes along which touches on all of these … Read More

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