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Vaginal Birth After Caesarian Section

Many women who have had Caesarian sections would like to give birth more naturally.  Typically, they did not voluntarily choose to have a Caesarian section during their prior pregnancy or pregnancies.  More often than not, some complication of the delivery … Read More

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Being Nice Can Be Good For Your Health.

Turns out that being nice and polite is not just the right thing to do as your mother told you, it can also affect the health care you receive. OR Which are you? Like all the rest of us, doctors … Read More

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Why More Pharmacy Malpractice?

Last week I blogged about how to protect yourself from pharmacy malpractice and remarked that instances of pharmacy malpractice were increasing.  The current situation was discussed at length in a New York Times investigation. The days of the corner Mom … Read More

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Malpractice at the Pharmacy

We don’t normally think of danger or risk when we go to have a prescription filled at our local pharmacy.  Maybe that should change.  For a number of reasons, the risk of a misfilled prescription is increasing. There are lots … Read More

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