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Defensive Medicine is a Fraud.

Defensive medicine is the name doctors give to the tests or treatment they admit are unnecessary but they order anyway out of what they claim is fear of being sued for malpractice.  It is an unethical fraud and the doctors … Read More

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Hospital Pricing is Crazy and Unfair

If you want an example of why we in the United States pay more per capita for health care than anyone else but don’t get much for our money, look no further than the data being reluctantly released by hospitals … Read More

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Many Hospitals Prey On Their Patients

Last week’s New York Times ran an article about how rich hospitals profit from their patient’s car accidents.  The article showed how hospitals take advantage of old lien laws enacted to ensure patients received treatment in the days before widespread … Read More

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Understanding Medical Terminology.

In my job as an attorney representing victims of medical malpractice, it is critically important to be able to read and understand medical records and to be able to examine and cross-examine doctors, who appear as defendants or witnesses.  Both … Read More

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