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The Coming (?) Telehealth Revolution.

The telehealth revolution is either coming or it is already here.  It depends on whom you ask.  Regardless of whom you ask, they will be quick to tell you that more is on the way.  As with any fast-growing field, … Read More

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Small Town Hospitals And The Profit Motive.

If you live in a small town, you probably have a problem obtaining quality health care.  Big cities get the big hospitals and lots of doctors practicing every medical specialty you can think of.  Small towns get what is left.  … Read More

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Your Medical Records Access Is Changing

You have a right to see your medical records.  Recent changes in the law and in federal regulations are increasing your rights in this area.  Know your rights and take advantage of them. If you have received medical treatment in … Read More

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Medication Errors Are A Persistent Problem.

Medication errors can and do kill and injure patients in hospitals, outpatient clinics and as a result of doctor ordered prescriptions.  There are literally thousands of medications, which can be prescribed for patient use.  Many have confusing names.  Many have … Read More

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