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The Hospital Death.

People die in hospitals.  It is a fact of life.  Sometimes they die in spite of the very best medical care that we have to offer.  Sometimes, however, they die because they did not receive the care they should have.  … Read More

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When Your Baby Dies Or Is Damaged During Childbirth.

There are few things more devastating than a baby who dies or is badly injured during childbirth.  What should have been a happy occasion for celebration turns into tragedy.  The gaily decorated room at home prepared in anticipation of the … Read More

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Doctors Behaving Badly.

Most of the instances of medical malpractice I see in my practice are of the unintentional variety.  Someone made a mistake that ended up hurting a patient.  There is another variety of medical malpractice, however, and my partner and I … Read More

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The Brave New World of Genomic Testing.

An organism’s genome controls its destiny.  This is as true for the human genome as it is for the genome of the Covid-2 coronavirus.  It was less than 20 years ago that scientists first sequenced the human genome.  The project … Read More

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