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Medical Malpractice Insurance Rates And Entitled Doctors

Recently, my daughter, who teaches high school art, asked me why, if malpractice cases are so hard to win, do doctors continue to complain about high malpractice insurance rates.  I thought that was a good question that deserved to be … Read More

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The Good Bacteria

Last week I wrote about some of the dangers of overuse and misuse of antibiotics: they create resistance among the disease causing bacteria and make antibiotics less effective in saving lives.  There is an equally important second reason, however.  The … Read More

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The Danger of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

We are surrounded by life forms that are constantly mutating and changing.  This is particularly true of bacteria.  Because they have such short life spans, they can evolve quickly to meet threats.  That is exactly what they have done to … Read More

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We Are At The Bottom. Again. Still.

USA!  USA!  We’re Number –  Eleven? The Commonwealth Fund was founded in 1918 to create better, more accessible health care systems.  Since 2004, it has been conducting studies of the health care systems of the richest eleven countries in the … Read More

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Physician Conflicts of Interest

Physicians occupy a special place in our society.  They are respected and honored.  They are often well-compensated for their efforts.  We trust our doctors.  Very few patients ever think that the doctor who is recommending surgery or a particular treatment … Read More

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