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The Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic.

America, we are letting ourselves go and it is costing us.  It is costing us in terms of rising health care costs, loss of quality of life and shortening of life expectancy itself.  We are getting fat and flabby.  We … Read More

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Hey, Medicare Beneficiaries, There Is No Free Lunch!

Recently, I was stuck in front of a television that was showing a nature program.  Every few minutes, it was advertisement time.  Because this was early November and Medicare beneficiaries can change their Medicare plans at this time of year, … Read More

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Practice Makes Perfect

“Practice makes perfect.”  How often have we heard that old bromide?  Perhaps the main reason it has lasted so long is that there is a lot of truth to it.  There certainly is when the subject is medical procedures. When … Read More

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The Truth About Medical Malpractice Juries

It is an article of faith among doctors that medical malpractice juries are anti-doctor, incompetent to resolve medical questions and overly generous to patients who bring lawsuits.  They have been making the same complaints for the last 50 years at … Read More

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Hospital Billing Practices Can Send You To The Poorhouse.

The way in which hospitals bill their patients is a sin.  It ought to be against the law, but it is not.  Hospitals can charge whatever they want for a medical procedure and often do.  Some studies have found that … Read More

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