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Medical Ethics and Secrecy. You Cannot Have Both.

Over the many years I have been representing victims of medical malpractice, I have found that almost never will anyone inform the patient that he or she has been the victim of malpractice.  The sole exception is when a foreign … Read More

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Want To Live Longer and Healthier? Think Positive.

My mother lived until just before what would have been her 96th birthday.  She had a great attitude about life.  She kept busy gardening and volunteering as long as she could.  When old friends passed on, she made new, younger … Read More

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Traveling Nurse Allegedly Feeds Her Drug Habit at Hospital Medicine Cabinet

The Covid pandemic has made the nursing shortage worse.  One of the results of the nationwide nursing shortage has been an increase in the number of traveling nurses, nurses who work for a staffing service and who are sent from … Read More

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