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What You Want To Know Before They Operate.

You have been referred to a surgeon and she has advised you that you need surgery.  What now?  There are certain steps you should always take when this happens. What happens if I don’t get the surgery? This is always … Read More

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The Retained Foreign Object.

Something is going on and I am not sure what it is or why.  The incidence of objects being left behind in the body of the patient is increasing.  What is being left behind, you ask?  Mostly it is the … Read More

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Your Tax Dollars At Work – The Arizona Medical Board

At least the Arizona Medical Board lets the public know what it has been doing.  It publishes a running list of all of the disciplinary action it has taken over the past year.  It makes for very interesting reading.  Here … Read More

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Bacterial Infection: A Relentless Killer.

They are all around us.  The bacteria that cause infections are all around us.  They live on our skin, in our guts, on the food we eat, on the surfaces we touch, and in our mouths.  They float on the … Read More

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