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BOO! It’s Halloween and the Scammers and Fraudsters Are Out.

Of course, the scammers and fraudsters are out every night.  It pays to be careful so you don’t end up as one of their victims.  Scammers are always refining their scams so you may see new tricks.  Here are some … Read More

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You’re Not Listening To Me.

Medical diagnosis and its evil twin, misdiagnosis, are profoundly influenced by the physician’s ability to effectively listen to the patient.  There are great diagnosticians and some doctors who are not so great diagnosticians.  The great ones almost always say the … Read More

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Our Hospital Pricing System Is Insane.

I recently wrote a post about how our health insurance system is making the delivery of health care worse than it should be.  Here is another horror story for your files. There are two variables in health insurance plans that … Read More

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More Evidence Medicare Advantage Plans May Not Be A Good Deal

It is that time of the year again.  The Medicare Annual Enrollment period runs from mid-October to early December.  That means that the airwaves are full of celebrity spokespeople encouraging everyone who is Medicare eligible to “get all you deserve.”  … Read More

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Developments in Type 1 Diabetes.

Nine years in and counting.  It has been nine years since my then 3 year old grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  At the time of his diagnosis, I assured his anxious parents that relief was on the horizon.  … Read More

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