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Covid and the Bad Doctor

A Utah plastic surgeon has been charged by the United States with health care fraud and conspiracy arising out of a year-long scheme to sell fake Covid vaccination cards.  The cards were sold for $50 each.  It is unclear exactly … Read More

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A Case of Hospital Malpractice

Hospitals are where the germs are.  Hospitals are also where the worst germs are.  Sick people are constantly coming to the hospital and bringing their viruses and bacteria with them.  In spite of the best efforts, and sometimes less than … Read More

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When Thinking About Hospital Bills, Remember Your Old Monopoly Game.

It is no secret that the cost of medical care is rising and rising at a rate faster than inflation.  This wave of rising costs is being led by an even larger rise in the cost of hospital care.  Hospitals … Read More

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Electronic Medical Records Are A Problem.

One thing you can say about Electronic Medical Records:  They are a mixed blessing.  In my practice, I read a lot of medical records.  In the old days, they were all written by hand and I had to struggle with … Read More

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Cancer Malpractice Litigation.

Cancer is a terrible set of diseases.  Some are relatively treatable, if detected in time, while others are aggressive and nearly always fatal.  Medical malpractice does not cause cancer but medical malpractice can turn a treatable cancer into a death … Read More

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