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A Complete and Total Failure – Part One

I recently finished listening to a podcast about a Texas neurosurgeon, who was so incompetent and injured so many people that he is now serving a life term for elder abuse and assault as a result of a surgery gone … Read More

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Many Doctors Are Hurting

Probably most of the people who choose to become doctors or nurses do so because they want to help others.  For the doctors and nurses who have this as their reason for being, these are difficult times indeed.  More and … Read More

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Another Tragic Death

Stop me if you have heard this one, because I know you have.  It is almost the same case as I wrote about back in May and here it is happening again.  This time the dead patient was an 18 … Read More

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Be On The Lookout For Ticks: They Are Dangerous

As our climate changes, biological threats that were never a concern may become very concerning in your area.  One example is the occurrence of multiple cases of malaria spread by certain mosquitos in Florida, Texas and Maryland.  The disease, which … Read More

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