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Universal Health Care, Please

The United States is the only major developed nation in the world not to have universal health care.  We are the richest nation in the world.  Other nations can afford it and so can we.  It is not only a … Read More

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Those Entrusted With Patient Care Need to Put Patients First

Over the past few years there have been an increasing number of stories about doctors who sexually abuse their patients.  Almost all are serial abusers.  They don’t just abuse one patient; they abuse multiple patients over the years until they … Read More

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Hospital Secrecy Hurts Us All

Hospitals are complex business and healthcare organizations.  In large hospitals in metropolitan areas, there are teams of healthcare providers working around the clock and communicating with each other through the patient’s medical chart.  The wonder is not that errors in … Read More

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Our Broken Health Care Delivery System: Example 355

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are a major source of dysfunction in the distribution and pricing of prescription medications.  PBMs negotiate prices with drug manufacturers on behalf of insurance plans and determine what drugs go on the plans’ drug formularies, the … Read More

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When Hospitals Choose Your Doctor For You

I have often written about the importance of doing some homework when choosing a new doctor.  There are a lot of resources out there and it is foolish not to take advantage of them.  A poorly-qualified doctor, or one who … Read More

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