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Allergic Reactions

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Allergic reactions occur because our immune systems are intended to protect our bodies from the effects of harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and even allergens like mold.  Once an invader is identified, the immune system springs into action and attacks it, protecting the individual from any harmful effects.  Sometimes, though, the immune system malfunctions and attacks something which is no threat to us or overreacts to a small threat.  Hay fever and food allergies are good examples of our immune systems overreacting.

Some overreactions, such as anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock, and can be life-threatening.  Such reactions can occur in a matter of moments, and can cause difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, fainting or light-headedness, hives, abnormal heart rhythm and low blood pressure.  If left untreated, death may result.  You should treat anaphylaxis as the medical emergency that it is and call 911 as soon as possible.

Avoiding Serious Allergic Reactions

The reality of allergic reactions is that anyone with a history of them must be constantly vigilant.  In the medical context, it is important to make sure that caregivers are aware of any allergies you may have to substances such as antibiotics, contrast dyes used in radiographic procedures, foods and contact substances such as latex.  Be sure that your sensitivity is entered in your chart, and even then, you must still be vigilant that your caregivers do not give you anything that will cause problems.  The best way to treat anaphylaxis is to avoid getting it in the first place.

Despite of the best efforts of the patient or the patient’s family, injuries occur when health care providers do not recognize an already existing allergic reaction or do not properly treat it.


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