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Brain Herniation

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Many conditions can cause the brain to swell.  Among the causes of brain swelling are head trauma, surgery to the brain, too little salt in the blood (hyponatremia), strokes, hemorrhages, infections, tumors and exposure to high altitudes.  As parts of the brain swell, they can change positions and cause damage.  When the brain swells, there is no place for it to go given the rigid casing which surrounds it and intracranial pressure increases.  As the brain swells and intracranial pressure increases, it can interfere with the circulation of the blood to the brain.  If the intracranial pressure becomes too great, the brain may push out the bottom of the skull.  This is called a herniation; it is usually fatal.

Therefore, it is critical to quickly recognize the signs of increased pressure within the skull and takes steps to stop it from getting worse or to relieve the pressure by opening the skull.


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