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Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer misdiagnosis can affect anyone and is a troubling cause of death among women.  Studies show that the best chance for survival comes with early detection, and, while some controversy exists about the most efficient time to have mammograms, there is no question that they are an important screening tool which can identify breast cancer at an early stage.

If an abnormality appears on a mammogram, or if a woman detects a lump in her breast, the doctor should assess the situation and determine if more testing is necessary.  Often the next step is for the doctor to order a biopsy.  A biopsy can be performed in a number of ways, each of which is designed to get cells from the area in question to determine if cancer is present or not.

Sometimes mammograms are misinterpreted and cancer is missed.  Sometimes the doctor incorrectly concludes that there is no problem and that further testing is not required, and sometimes the biopsy is not performed correctly or the results are not correctly interpreted. We have represented patients in all of these situations.


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