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Catastrophic Injuries

Phoenix Attorneys Helping Victims of Catastrophic Injury

Terrible accidents are terrible accidents, regardless of how the victim was injured or killed. Knowing the medicine, and understanding how serious injury or death affects a victim and their loved ones, are the cornerstones of success in litigating any significant personal injury case. That is why an experienced medical negligence lawyer is usually a step ahead of lawyers doing other types of personal injury work.  Our experience in successfully handling many complex, medical malpractice cases involving serious injuries and death gives us an advantage over most lawyers who try to handle catastrophic injury cases.

Litigating Cases Involving Catastrophic Injury is Difficult and Complex

Litigating significant injury cases often requires the testimony expert witnesses in many different fields.  We have relationships with highly-qualified specialists who are experienced in assessing the issues that are unique to catastrophic injury cases.  Finding the experts, however, is just the beginning.  The substance of  an expert’s testimony and his or her ability to persuasively explain the relevant issues can make or break a case. Effectively working with expert witnesses and against expert witnesses hired by the other side requires a lawyer to have special skills and significant experience.  We have the qualifications necessary to critically evaluate, retain, and effectively use experts to maximize our clients’ recoveries in catastrophic injury cases.  We can help if you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury which often involve:


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