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Construction Accidents

We Help Construction Accident Victims

Construction sites are dangerous places.  They are high-traffic areas full of hazards ranging from heavy equipment to falling debris.  Often, it is not clear who is responsible for safety. When you are injured on a construction site, the harm can be more severe than you may think.

Worksite accident cases require a unique knowledge of the construction industry and its practices, as well as knowledge about how to deal with workers compensation and disability insurance providers and the benefits they provide.  You need an attorney who can investigate the accident and determine who might be responsible.  Employers are immune from liability for workplace accidents, if they have provided workers compensation insurance to their employees.  If someone other than the employer is responsible, the workers compensation insurer will have a lien which must be taken into account in any settlement or judgment.  Construction injury cases have a shorter statute of limitations than many other types of claims, so it is important to act quickly.  Litigating a construction accident case is difficult, complicated and expensive.  Without the backing of an experienced, knowledgeable, well-funded construction accident lawyer, you can’t possibly recover what is necessary to make you whole again.

We have the knowledge and experience required to handle your construction injury case. We have access to the right experts and a proven record of superior results, including many multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.  We will help you take the first steps to protect your legal rights while you recover.  We know exactly what to do to protect you and your claim while minimizing the stress on your physical and emotional well-being.  We have experience dealing with and compromising the liens that arise in these cases.