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Coronary Artery Disease

Phoenix Coronary Artery Disease Lawyers

The coronary arteries deliver critically needed oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle.  Over time, as the result of heredity, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking or a number of other causes, plaque can begin to build up in the coronary arteries.  If the plaque build up continues long enough, it can reduce the flow through the coronary artery to levels which are too low to allow the heart to function properly.  This can lead to a heart attack (myocardial infarction).  Alternatively, the plaque may rupture and cause a blockage of a coronary artery, which will also trigger a heart attack.  Before the plaque builds up to fatal levels, it may cause chest pain on exertion (angina) or give other signs of its presence.  Doctors need to be familiar with the various ways in which coronary artery disease can present and be able to recognize it when it does appear.  Prompt referral to a cardiologist for further testing can result in detection of the developing blockages in time to treat them and prevent a heart attack.

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