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Dog Bites

Many of us have and love pets.  From dogs and cats to more exotic animals, we surround ourselves with companions of other species.  Unfortunately, even the best trained pets can become spooked at loud sounds or strange people, and may bite or attack simply out of fear, and a child is often the target.  When an animal does bite a child or adult, the injuries can be significant, including severe nerve injuries and scarring.  The injuries may require extensive medical treatment.  Special statutes apply to animal bite cases which require you to act more quickly than in other types of personal injury cases to fully protect your legal rights, and the dog bite attorneys at Sandweg & Ager, P.C. can help you through the process. As a victim, it is important for you to understand those rights.

Our dog bite lawyers have the knowledge and experience required to handle the animal bite case.  That means access to the right experts and a proven record of superior results, including many multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in personal injury cases. Perhaps more importantly, we have a compassionate understanding of how difficult it can be to take the critical initial steps necessary to protect your legal rights when recovering from an animal attack.  We know exactly what to do to protect you and your compensation claim while minimizing the stress on your physical and emotional well-being.