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High Risk Pregnancies

Arizona Medical Malpractice Attorneys for High-Risk Pregnancies

Not all pregnancies go smoothly.  There are many reasons why pregnancies can become complicated and, therefore, high-risk.  While few of these are within a mother’s control, the ability to properly monitor and care for the growing infant, including the ability to identify high-risk factors, is almost always within the doctor’s control.  When doctors fail to give proper care and when their actions cause harm to a child, they should be held responsible.

High-Risk Pregnancy Factors

Many of the cases we handle involve high-risk pregnancies with risk factors such as:

  • Advanced maternal age
  • Mothers with diabetes
  • A history of premature birth
  • PROM and PPROM (premature rupture of the amniotic sac)
  • Twins, triplets and multiples

Why Birth Injuries Occur in High-Risk Cases

When it comes to your pregnancy, the biggest mistake you can make is unquestioning trust of your doctor.  Doctors sometimes handle patient loads greater than they can manage or pursue courses of treatment that are generally not acceptable.  Sometimes, even in the hospital, health care providers fail to recognize the red flags that lead to serious birth injuries.  This may be because attending nurses are inexperienced or because doctors are unavailable or inattentive.


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