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Hyponatremia occurs when there is not enough sodium in the body’s fluids.  Sodium is very important for maintaining good blood pressure as well as proper function of the nervous and muscular systems.  When the amount of sodium in the fluids outside of the cells drops, the cells begin to absorb water and swell.  This swelling includes the cells in the brain which can cause damaging or fatal levels of intracranial pressure.

Brain Injury and Hyponatremia

Hyponatremia has many causes, including kidney and liver disorders, the discharge of significant fluids from the body and congestive heart failure.  Hyponatremia can be a significant problem for the brain because the skull limits the ability of the brain cells to expand.  Complications from brain swelling include brain injury from herniation, coma and even death.  It is especially important to monitor sodium levels in patients following brain surgery where trauma to the tissues may already have caused some swelling to occur.  Hyponatremia can be life-threatening and the failure to diagnose it can result in severe consequences.


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