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Infections can happen in the best of hospitals with the best of care.  They can also occur, and are more likely to occur, if health care providers do not follow good infection control procedures, such as careful washing of hands, proper gowning and thorough cleaning of instruments and surfaces.  Because infections can occur even where care is good, it is very difficult to bring a successful claim solely on the basis that the patient developed an infection following a procedure or while in the hospital.

Negligent Treatment of Infections

Usually claims involving infections are based on the failure of the health care providers to recognize the symptoms of the developing infection and provide appropriate treatment. Infections which go unrecognized and untreated may develop into sepsis, a bodywide infection accompanied by multi-organ failure. Once the infection proceeds to the stage of sepsis, it may not respond to antibiotic therapy and may result in death.  Even if the patient can be saved from death, the organs may not return to full function and may leave the patient severely debilitated or disabled.


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