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Lung Cancer

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Lung cancer is a serious medical condition which can often be successfully treated, if it is recognized early enough.  There are many different types of lung cancers, some of which are more easily treated than others.  By the time physical symptoms appear, however, the lung cancer is usually well-established and is much more difficult to treat.

Early Diagnosis is Key

The key to successful treatment of lung cancer is early recognition. Sometimes lung cancer is recognized when the patient comes to the doctor with signs and symptoms which prompt the doctor to order further testing, such as a chest x-ray.  Sometimes lung cancer is discovered by accident, for example when a patient who does not have symptoms gets a chest x-ray for another purpose, such as a pre-surgical screening.

It is a sad fact, however, that sometimes lung cancer which appears on a chest x-ray is not recognized by the radiologist who interprets the film.  Radiologists look at many films each day and sometimes make mistakes and miss clear findings of lung cancer.  Sometimes the mistake is not discovered until months or years later when it is too late to provide any meaningful treatment.  When that happens, the earlier x-rays should be examined to see if the lung cancer was present, but missed.


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