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Malignant Melanoma

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Malignant melanoma is the most deadly of the skin cancers.  It is usually associated with exposure to the sun, and since the Arizona sun is so intense, it is a growing problem here. Malignant melanoma can quickly spread to other parts of the body, and it is a particularly difficult cancer to treat.  If caught early enough, though, it can be successfully treated.

Early Diagnosis – A Must for Malignant Melanoma

Early detection is key to the successful treatment of melanoma.  If it is detected and treated before it spreads, the chances for success are good.  It is important for patients to minimize sun exposure and to be aware of changes in their bodies.  Moles can change and become melanoma.  Changes should be brought to the attention of a dermatologist, who is trained to recognize what is and what is not a significant skin lesion.

Malignant melanoma can appear anywhere on the body, even in places which are not usually associated with exposure to the sun.  We represented one client who had a melanoma on the bottom of her foot. Unfortunately, sometimes even dermatologists fail to recognize a melanoma when they see it.  While some doctors may be good at recognizing melanoma, some are not and should refer their patients with questionable skin lesions to a dermatologist for a second opinion.


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