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Medication Errors

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Prescription medications are used to treat a wide range of medical conditions.  But, when used incorrectly, they can cause serious harm.  Millions of prescription errors occur at hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies every year.  Over one million people are injured or die as a result.  When a patient receives a medication different than the one prescribed by the doctor or in the wrong dose, pharmacy malpractice is clear.  Other times the nature of the prescription error is not as clear.

How Medication Errors and Overdoses Happen

Prescription errors, including medication overdoses, happen in many ways such as when: (1) a physician prescribes an improper dose; (2) a nurse fails to note a change in a patient’s prescribed medication; (3) a pharmacist dispenses something different than what was ordered; (4) a patient receives the wrong medication or wrong dose; or (5) a patient receives someone else’s medication.  Unfortunately, despite efforts to prevent medication errors, they stubbornly continue to occur.


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