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Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Arizona Medical Malpractice Attorneys for Victims of Cancer Misdiagnosis

While there are many fine and caring doctors and nurses, cost concerns, inexperience and haste can lead to poor care and a range of serious medical mistakes, including cancer misdiagnosis.  The effects of such medical malpractice can be devastating.

How Doctors Fail to Diagnose Cancer

There are many ways in which doctors negligently misdiagnose cancer. Misreading x-rays, MRI’s or mammograms are some of the most common.  These tests are frequently performed when signs or symptoms suggest they are appropriate, but too often patients never hear back or are provided incorrect information when they do.  Occasionally, doctors fail to perform the right tests in the first place or fail to perform a test at all.  If your doctor says you don’t need a test for cancer, it may be a good idea to consider a second opinion — especially when symptoms of ill health persist and doctors have failed to find anything wrong.

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