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Pulmonary Embolism

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Pulmonary embolism is a life-threatening medical condition caused by a blockage in the arteries of the lungs, usually occurring when blood clots in the legs travel to the lungs.  This prevents the lungs from re-oxygenating the blood.  If the clot is large, death can follow quickly.  Even if the clot reaching the lungs is small, other pieces of the main clot in the leg may break off and follow the first clot into the lungs, blocking more of the lung circulation.  As more and more of the lung circulation is blocked, the body will become progressively more starved for oxygen and the patient will eventually die.  People who survive pulmonary embolism are at higher risk for clots in the future.

The Cause of Pulmonary Embolism

Deep clots in the veins of the legs may form following a surgery, as the result of a period of immobility, such as an international plane flight, or illness, or from a number of other causes.  It is these deep clots which cause pulmonary embolism when pieces break off and travel through the venous system to the lungs.

Preventative Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis Is the “Cure” for Pulmonary Embolism

When deep vein thrombosis is discovered, it must be treated quickly.  The problem is that quick treatment does not always occur.  Doctors sometimes misdiagnose patients who have signs and symptoms of pulmonary embolism.  They may also fail to recognize the presence of deep vein thrombosis or may fail to take action to prevent known blood clots from embolizing (travelling) to the lungs.

Blood Clots are often treated with medications.  If not carefully managed, however, this treatment can cause the blood to become too thin, which may lead to hemorrhage or stroke, or too thick, which may lead to additional clotting.

If a loved one was treated for deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism but passed away, it is a good idea to talk with a lawyer about your options.  Taking legal action can help hold doctors accountable for any harm they cause and prevent the same harm from happening to others in the future.


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