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Sepsis (Septicemia)

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Sepsis or septicemia is a generalized infection which has spread throughout the entire body.  When sepsis occurs, it has a catastrophic effect on the body, eventually causing whole organ systems to shut down.  Patients experience catastrophic drops in blood pressure, kidney failure, and liver failure, ultimately leading to death.

The window of opportunity to successfully address sepsis varies in each case. Doctors may have days to diagnose and treat a systemic infection, or they may have mere hours.  The longer it takes a doctor to diagnose and treat sepsis, the more likely it is that a patient is receiving negligent care.  When the signs and symptoms are clear, doctors and other health care providers must take appropriate action.

When Harm from Sepsis Is Due to Medical Malpractice

Not surprisingly, these cases are often the most frustrating for victims (when they live) and their families because sepsis usually has clear signs and symptoms as well as a recognizable cause (for example, a perforation of the bowel during a recent surgery).  Sepsis can also be effectively treated when recognized early.


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