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Subdural Hematoma

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A subdural hematoma occurs when blood gathers between the layer of tissue which adheres to the skull known as the dura and another layer of tissue which envelopes the brain known as the arachnoid mater.  This area is called the subdural space.  Subdural hematomas usually result from significant head trauma and are among the deadliest problems associated with head injury.

Medical Negligence and Subdural Hematoma

Bleeding in the subdural space can fill the brain rapidly or slowly with blood, causing compression of brain tissue, often leading to significant brain injury or worse, if left untreated.  Symptoms of subdural hematoma include confused speech, difficulty balancing, headache, confusion, loss of consciousness, nausea, seizures, slurring, and weakness.

Subdural Hematoma is an emergent, life-threatening, medical condition.  Recognizing and treating subdural hematoma, especially after a traumatic event, can mean the difference between life and death.  A CT scan or MRI is often used to detect the presence of a subdural hematoma.  It may require emergency surgery to drain blood, or remove coagulated blood ( a blood clot) pressing on the brain.  At other times, if the hematoma is small and has stopped actively bleeding, it can be left to be resolved by the body on its own.


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