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Veterans’ Administration hospitals are operated by the federal government.

VA Claims and the Importance of Acting Quickly

The time and procedure for bringing a claim against a VA hospital or physician for malpractice, commonly known as the statute of limitations, is governed by the Federal Tort Claims Act.  These time periods and procedures may be different than those provided for under Arizona law.  Before a lawsuit can be filed, the victim must file a notice of claim. This must be done within two years of the date the victim knew or reasonably should have known malpractice occurred.  The government then has six months to decide whether it will pay the claim.  The government may send a notice of denial.

If it does send a notice of denial, a lawsuit must be filed within six months of the denial, even if the denial is made in less than six months from the time the notice of claim is filed. It the government does not send a notice of denial within six months, a lawsuit may be filed any time after the expiration of the six months. This can be tricky, however, because some courts have held that a state’s shorter limitations period applies.


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